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Wausau Fake ID or Fake Drivers license residents can access competitive rates and comparison shop services at A maximum of 3 licensed fake id cards s compete for your business. Request a fast, free fake id quote. If you are looking for more information for Wausau area or other car and travel related information, please read the information below.

Wausau, Wisconsin minimum limits: 25/50/10 (As of April 2004).
Please consider referencing our limits resource for an updated listing of required fake driving license in Wisconsin.

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City: Wausau. Click here to search all of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Fake Drivers License and Fake Id Scannable With Holograms
State of Wisconsin Fake Drivers License home page

Wisconsin DMV
State of Wisonsin Department of Fake Drivers License

Wausau Daily Herald
Local newspaper covering Wausau, Wisconsin.
Official website for the Wausau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

WAUSAU, Wisconsin Fake Drivers License.
(Planning a trip by car? Get maps and directions here)

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Wausau, Wisconsin

Taking an insurance reduction (defensive driving) course can lower the cost of your Fake ID or Fake Drivers license. Here is a list of defensive driving courses in your area.
Fake ID or Fake Drivers License's and Fake Driving License point reduction programs in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Council of Safety, Madison, WI, 608-258-3400 or 800-236-3400

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