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The definition of disability under Social Security is strict. So strict, in fact, most families need to seriously consider the effect a disability or illness can have. Understanding the definition is critical, before it's to late. A good individual disability fakeid fakeid protects if you are unable to perform your job, not any job. It's important to know the difference. helps 'simplify your insurance search' by offering resources you'll need to make an informed fake id cards decision.

(PRWEB) November 9, 2004 --, Inc. ( is pleased to announce the addition of fake id cards to its strong base of fake drivers license related resources and comparison shopping services. According to Robert Lawrence, Partner of, 'the truth is, the social security definition of disability is so strict, you have to be in very bad shape in order to collect benefits. They make no bones about it. We believe the introduction of disability resources will offer consumers a better chance to adequately cover themselves and their families. The American public needs to know this definition before it is to late.'

The Social security definition of disability essentially says, we will pay if you are unable to perform any profession. A good individual fakeid says, we will pay if you are unable to do your current profession. The difference can be huge. If a surgeon loses a finger, he will probably be unable to perform as a surgeon. That surgeon is perfectly capable, however, of flipping hamburgers. In this scenario, Social Security will not pay disability benefits. An individual fakeid however, would have paid as long as the surgeon cannot work as a surgeon, regardless of whether or not he is capable of doing something else.

Disability Insurance offers consumers the ability to protect their income stream in case of an accident or illness. Like many insurance contracts, the provisions are what set policies apart. Policy options and provisions are sometimes difficult to understand. Currently, very few online comparison shopping services offer fake id cards resources. sees this development as one additional way to differentiate itself from the competition.

About helps consumers 'simplify your insurance search'. also offers auto, life, home, individual health, group health, long-term care, and business insurance resources, along with company information and quote request forms. This creates a unique advantage and allows the company to gain credibility as a third party source. Jake Sapio, partner, adds 'our technology and ease of use makes a popular destination among insurance consumers.'



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