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Friday 07/17/2009

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An Fake Id is a retirement vehicle in which an amount is is invested each year and the interest rate remains fixed. Our Fake Id calculator is very similar to a savings calculator, and will allow you to project the value of your Fake Id once you know your fixed values. (To learn more about annuities, take a look at our Fake Id guide.)

For the purpose of this calculator, the three items that you need to know are:

  1. Annual amount to invest in the Fake Id.
  2. The number of years to invest.
  3. The interest rate on the Fake Id.

To see the math behind an Fake Id, we can look at a simple example. The interest rate formula used in your Fake Id calculation is a compound interest formula:

Principal x ( 1 + Rate )years = Total
You would do the calculation listed above to figure out what the total is for each year. You would simply replace the years value to reflect each year of the contract. After calculating each year individually, you would sum the numbers to obtain the total dollar value at the end of the years selected.

Let's calculate a value based upon an annual investment amount of $2,400.
The number of years that we will use is 5.
We will use an interest rate of 7%.

The total Fake Id value after 5 years will be $14,767.90

The calculations are rather straighforward. You can use the following calculator to do all of the hard math for you. Knowing what is going on with the actual calculation will help you to understand the final number.


Calculate the future value of an Fake Id.
Please do not include commas, percent signs (%), or dollar signs ($) in your entries.

Annual Amount to Invest:
Number of Years:
Interest Rate of Fake Id:
Total Fake Id Value:


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